Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I slept most of the day then got up, got ready and went to get my nails done before I went to work at KB's. We had a pretty good night and I was home at a decent time so I could get up and do it all again tomorrow!!
I worked all day at KB's waiting for my sister to get I to town. Around 2 o'clock she called to tell me where she was and when I thought she would be here. About 25 minutes later she walked in along with one of my BFF's Danielle!!! They surprised me and I was so excited!! They ate and then we went to my new house. Lindsay brought me a rug for my kitchen for a house warming gift! I love it!! We hung out here for a little bit and tried to take a nap but we were a little chatty! Ha! We ended up getting ready and went out to get some dinner. Chad met us at dinner and then we all went out to get a drink. We had such a good time!!
Michelle and Kelsey got here around 8:30 an we were definitely not put of bed yet! Mom and Gerry weren't too far behind. We unloaded both cars and got things put in the "storage" room. Everybody liked the new house. Mom organized some stuff for me and cleaned some stuff. I finally got to put up a regular size Christmas tree again and I was so excited!! Mom and Gerry brought me a new ornament for my Christmas tree!! They all left around 2 so I could sleep before I went to work. A great weekend!!
(I'll eventually have Internet and be able to post pictures and such. Posting from my phone isn't near as easy as the computer but it will have to do for now!)