Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm really late posting this but all well!  Friday night I met Janelle and Chad for dinner and drinks.  I hadn't seen Janelle in months so it was so great getting to hang out with her and catch up.  Chad was a little late.....just about an hour!  We stayed for a while and when Janelle had to go home, Chad and I went to get some drinks and watch the end of the game.  CARDINALS WIN!!!  We were rather excited!!! 

I worked at the restaurant all day so I figured it would probably be a good idea if I took a nap before going out that night. There were 2 Halloween parties I was going with my friends to.  I had no idea what I was going to dress up as so Niki told me I could just go as a cop like she was, so I went out and bought the costume.  I got up, got ready then headed to Niki & Michael's.  We got ready and headed to the first party where these pictures were taken.....

Me with my fake gun....lame, I know!  HA! 

You can tell by my eyes that I am way tired!
We left this party not to long after and went to the second party.  We got there still dressed up and decided it was time to change into regular clothes!!  It was fun getting to hang out with those friends.  On our way home we stopped by another bar because Chad was there.  Mike and Niki stayed in the car so I just ran in real quick to say hi.  I was happy to come home and go to bed!!!

**Oh, while I was at work Saturday I got a phone call telling me that I get to move!!!  I am going to be renting a house!!!  More info on that when I get it!!

I slept till I couldn't sleep anymore!!  I got up and packed some things that I won't be using anytime soon!!  I'm a little excited about getting out of this "itty bitty living space"!!  What movie is that from??  HA!!!  Took a little nap then headed off to work.....the start of a very busy week, hence being so MIA from the blog!!  Of course, I found plenty of time to read them!!