Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

 ******MY 400TH POST******
I totally overslept this morning!  I had a hair appointment at 9 and at 9:10 I heard my phone go off...a text from Sonja wondering where I'm at!?!?!?!?!  I felt horrible!!  I know how busy she is!  My phone had died the night before, when I plugged it in and it came back on, I didn't check my alarm....BIG MISTAKE!  All well, it was a total accident and she was still able to squeeze me in that day for a color and then I'm going back this Thursday so she can trim it!  She's the best!!
After that mess of a morning, I packed up my car and headed to E'ville.  I got home and talked to my mom for a while then we all went to Roca Bar to eat!  The pizza there is so good and I may or may not have eaten way too much!!!  We came back to the house and I left to go visit with my older sister at her house.  We went to Target and shopped around.  I love their big!!  We then went back to her house and hung out till way too late and then I finally headed back to my parents house to crash.
I got up and made my dish for Easter (Strawberry Pretzel Salad...YUM) then decided that I would do my couch to 5k run outside.....oh was that a horrible idea!!  It was the worst time running I had ever had!  Running on the treadmill has spoiled me I guess, hopefully I'm just not good enough at running yet.  I have less than 4 weeks now before the Color Run so I'm gonna hit it hard and hopefully actually be able to run most of it.  It will be my first 5k so hopefully!!  My sister Lindsay got there and we talked for a little bit then had to get ready for our friend Lindsey's wedding.
Lindsay & I before leaving 
Ashlee, Becca, Stephanie, Danielle, Me & Lindsay 
Can't believe their wedding was over 5 months ago! 
Love her!! 
Mr. & Mrs. Jackson 
Lindsey was such a beautiful bride! 

These little people were the cutest!!  He followed her around all night long and he pulled her on the dance floor to dance to a slow song.  She was not smiling or looking at him at all but he was smiling ear to ear and winking at his parents!!  Everybody was taking pictures and watching!!  It was the cutest thing!!  We all danced the rest of the night and had a blast!!
We all got up and got ready to go to my grandparents house for Easter.  My sister and nieces came over to get Easter baskets from us.  We all got there at the same time!!  Lunch was so good and my strawberry pretzel salad was a hit!!  We walked down to our cousins house just like we used to when we were little!!

The sun was a little bright!!
I hadn't been home since Christmas, so I was so happy to be home but then for it to be such a fantastic weekend on top of it....that was great!!  Now, I'm home to get ready for my work week, doing laundry and getting caught up on some shows I've missed. 
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and weekend!!