Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm glad I went ahead and shoveled the whole driveway yesterday, even though it probably would've all melted today!!  Even though it wasn't warm, at least the sun was out all day!!  I can smell spring coming!!  Soon!!!

I wasn't able to go to Evansville to get my nails done so I just went to a new place in Marion.  It wasn't busy at all so that was nice, but I wasn't impressed with the job she did unfortunately.   I laughed when I saw the name of the color I picked, and the color was a little too 80's frosty pink for me so I put a layer of gold glitter over it when I got home and I like it much better!!  It'll do for now and I'll just have to give myself a pedicure for the ball next weekend!!  I went toTarget and found way more than I needed, which is my norm. I don't think I know anyone who can walk in there and just buy what is on their list!!!  
I came home to get ready for my date!!  I felt like I hadn't seen him in forever but it's only been a week. We live two hours away from each other so it usually only works out for us to get together on the weekend.  I met hi for dinner then we went to see McFarland USA at the theater. When we were in the car, he made the comment "I hope this isn't to much of a 'feel good' movie"......well it was!!  He laughed when I leaned over and asked him if it was "feel good" enough for him!!  It was not one of the best movie experiences we've had.  There was a family with little girls behind us, one of them cried for a while before dad took her outside.  Then a group of teenagers sat up a few rows in front of us and talked entirely too much!!!  We were not impressed!!  After the movie, we weren't ready to go home so we went to Applebee's for a drink.  They have my favorite there, the strawberry perfect margarita!!!
Just playing a little couples trivia....he was so confused in the beginning, I answered the questions first then it was his turn.  He thought he was supposed to guess my answers instead of answering the questions for himself!!!  Even after he figured out he was doing it wrong he continued to do it!!  We laughed and laughed!!  It was fun!!

I got up and went to spin class, I was gonna stay for bootcamp again but the trainers were out of town.  
I went and got groceries then came home and started watching the newest season of Drop Dead Diva and proceeded to waste several hours sitting on the couch!!
I decided I should probably get up and do something so I showered and then texted my bff to see what she was up to!!  I went to her house to hang out.  We watched "The Judge" and it was good then we started watching "Fury" and I fell asleep!!!  It's not my kind of movie, even if Brad Pitt was in it!!
Ryker found a ponytail holder and wanted it in his hair....this is what he got!!  We were laughing so hard!!!
I met Michelle halfway to give her Kelsey's prom dress that I picked up.  Then I came home and started doing some spring cleaning!!!  The amount of trash that I had after I was done with only two rooms was ridiculous!!!!  I need to go on a major purging spree!!!  The amount of stuff is stupid!