Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up~Charity Ball

It rained and rained and rained today.  I didn't know if it was ever going to end!!  Niki and I ran errands all day and the only good thing was the fact that we were cute rain boots and found all kinds of good stuff at TJMaxx!!  That place is either all or nothing for me!!  I came home and layed around for a bit until I had to get ready for my date.  It was still raining but at least it had slowed down a little bit.  Deana called me on my way out the door, I talked to her pretty much the whole way up there.  Hopefully I'll get to hang out with her and the girls sometime this week!  J and I met at Chili's for dinner and had talked about going bowling after.
My return snapchat to a friend who sent me a picture of her baby niece that said "isn't she presh?" and I said the same thing!!  So cute!!  He's looking up reviews on movies that we hadn't seen yet, which was only 1 or 2. 
I finished my drink while he was doing that!  These things are too good!!
We ended up going to see "The 2nd Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" and I liked it but he didn't.  It was a love story with Kevin Costner in it, how could I not love it??  He was annoyed by the main guy's voice!  We were both so tired after the movie we decided to call it a night and head our separate ways.  Dating long distance isn't always so fun but I'll take it for the time being!!  I'm pretty sure he's worth it!!
I was up early and went to spin class and met my friend Amanda there.  Our friend Lucy was there also, it was like an OB nurse workout class!!  Haha!!  Everytime I go to that class I remember how much I don't like it, until it's done and I like the way I feel after!!  Feel the burn!!  I came home and lounged around and tried to take a little nap till it was time for get ready for the masquerade ball!!!

Just a little selfie before I left
Angie and I
She brought her daughters selfie stick with her and we had way to much fun with it!!
Patty, Angie & I
Me & Jen
Loved how my mask turned out!!
Selfie time again!!
Patty, Ang, Me & Jen
We were loving the selfie stick!!
Just some nurses at the ball!
Obviously a few drinks in...
My bid ticket with me & Angie's pick of the litter tickets just happened to also be J's racing number...I was hoping it was going to be good luck but it turned out not to be.  None of us won anything, but the guy behind us bought all kinds of stuff!!
Natasha, Patty & Angie
Haha, you can see the remote in my hand!!
OB girls!!!!
And this is why the selfie stick is so important...this is just me trying to get a selfie with just my phone and it's awful!!  Haha!!!  Good thing I ordered one for myself!!
LOL!!  I had a few cocktails by this time and I thought these signs were great!!!
One of our photo booth pictures!!
I wanted to sleep in but that didn't happen.  I'm lucky if I sleep till 7 anymore!!  I got up and it was so pretty outside I just wanted to enjoy it!!  I opened up the blinds and started cleaning!!  Haha!!  I went to Target and to get my car washed.  I love that I found these for my Easter eggs!!
"My rule is, if it's not moving....monogram it!" - Reese Witherspoon
Monogram it all!!!