Monday, August 29, 2011


As I'm watching Sex & the City (again) it makes me think about getting rid of the blonde....although my head doesn't need to be in the witness protection program like Carrie

I googled the correct usage when spelling blonde/blond....interesting....I like it better with the E on the end even if it's wrong

I'm pretty sure window air conditioning is almost as inconvenient as not having air conditioning!

Hated the fact that I walked into a store today and couldn't find one thing I like.....sad because it's one of my favorite stores to shop at :(

I was very disappointed when I had to watch my legs jiggle in the mirror tonight at my bodystep class at the gym....note to self, don't where anything but capris/pants to workout again!

So happy my new otterbox came in the mail today and UPS also brought me new 31 catalogs....I'm lovin' the new fall patterns!!

I'm so excited for my friends surprise 30th birthday party this weekend!

I found a One Tree Hill blog today

I feel like I'm friends with some of my favorite TV people (you know actresses, reality people) through Twitter....crazy, I know

I need Nicholas Sparks to come out with a new book.....PRONTO

The worst part about finishing a book is the fact that it's over and you have to start a new one, all over again

I'm so ready for more inconvenient window A/C

One of the guys I work with at the restaurant and I were talking today about how many people don't like to do laundry....and probably don't even have to leave their house to do it...I bet they would hate it more if they had to pack up every time!!  I'm going to love doing laundry when I move!!

And the fact that I'll have a garage too!!

And definitely central heating and more inconvenient A/C!



Mr. Sparks is coming out with a new book in October! CAN.NOT.WAIT!


1. It would be CRAZY to see you with no blonde in your hair! I forget what you look like without it!
2. What kind of otterbox did you get? I found a smaller less invasive otterbox that I want to get but can't decide on the color.
3. Have you found an apt already? or just dreaming? :)


Nikki...Thanks for the info!! Love his books!!

Linds....I was just thinking about going dark for about 2 minutes, now I'm over it! It's the same as my purple and white one just pink with a black hard case. And yeah, I'm just of these days though!