Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I didn't do much of anything all day and then worked that night.
I slept in that morning then went to the gym and then got a few groceries.  I had plans to meet Runge to get some sushi because we have been trying to have a sushi date for weeks now but we ended up not getting it.  Niki called because they were going out to eat with some other friends of ours so we decided to go with them instead....and since it was one of the couples wedding anniversary they got to pick where to eat.  They picked Chili's although most of us were hoping for sushi!!  HA!!  We had a really fun night, plenty of laughs!!  We might have even started trying to plan our Halloween costumes for the big halloween party!!

Niki & I 
Runge & I
Niki, Me, Beth & Stefanie 
Mike & Niki 
Bathroom pic! 
All girl bathroom mirror pic!  HA!


After a pretty late night I got up early to drive home for a birthday party for my stepdad and my sister. My mom was making lasagna and 2 kinds of dessert!! I hadn't been home since Memorial day weekend so my sisters and I had LOTS to talk about even though we talk on the phone, it's different when you're actually talking face to face. We also had a funeral to go to that afternoon but I wanted some pictures taken of me and my sisters before so we went outside and mom took some. I was NOT thrilled with how I look in these pictures so I will only be posting 1.  I took a nice long nap after we went to the visitation and then hung out with my nieces until we had to take them home.  We went by this yogurt place called Sweet CeCe's and it was very yummy!  I had a picture of it but posting pictures right now is giving me lots of problems!  At least I've finally found a place to resize them easily!
Singing Happy Birthday to Gerry 
Blowing out her candle 
Bad picture I know...just imagine what the other ones look like! 
Ty's eyes were squinty in almost all of the pictures! 
Love them!!