Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

So I get off work Friday morning a lot later than I usually do and knew I needed to sleep but just wasn't able to right away so I texted my friend John to see if he wanted to eat sushi with me for lunch.  So I met him a little after 11 then ran to Target to return a bra that I thought fit but decided it didn't fit once I got home.  (Story of my life when it comes to bras)  I also needed an alarm clock but didn't have the one that I wanted at Target so I thought since I was out I would run by Target and see if they had one I liked.  I ran into my friend Brooke and her little girl so I walked around with her.  I ended up getting home around 2 and layed down on the couch to sleep for a little bit.  I set my alarm so I didn't sleep all evening and then not be able to sleep that night.  After I got up I went to hang out with some girlfriends, ate some pizza, had a few drinks and some good conversation. 

The fact that I sleep in late every day now is starting to annoy me!  I know the reason why I'm sleeping in late is because I'm going to bed late and that's because I work's crazy annoying!!  All well, nothing I can do about it right now.  I hung out around my apartment and straightened up then got ready for work. 

Came home after a good night of work and went straight to bed.  I set my alarm but ended up turning it off and slept a few more hours.  I got up finally and went to the gym and ran then did some abs and arms.  I'm definitely on a mission this week to stick to my gym routine and eating better.  I fall off the wagon so often that I figure all I can do is just keep trying and getting back on!! 
I'm so ready for fall!!  The cooler weather, the bonfires, chili, scarves, all the good TV that's getting ready to start back up!!  So, are ya'll ready for all things fall??
(Next week I promise I will have pictures....It's going to be a good weekend)