Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gulf Shores 2012 {Part 1}

So I know I've been a little MIA from the little ol' blog here but I've been on vacation at the beach!!!  It was fabulous!!!  Now, onto the recap and pictures because that's all we really want to see anyway!  Warning, this will be a little bit of a picture overload!

Posing with the sign for the Gulf Shores exit! 
When we got there it was a little cold and very windy!!  There were some threatening clouds but we were all wanting to get out to the beach and check it out.  Nate wanted to get in the water so bad, a little bit of cool wind wasn't going to stop him! 

I was going to take a group picture and Kelsey was the only one ready to pose! 
Lindsay & Maddie were wanting to pose for this one!
We were walking down the beach and it started raining so we all ran back to the condo before it started raining any harder.  We had already gone to get groceries, so we settled in for the night with some frozen pizza and a little tv.  We had decided to shop the next day since it was going to be windy and cool again tomorrow!
Michelle, Lindsay & I before heading to the outlet mall 
We thought maybe it would be pretty to have the ocean in the background....little did I know they were making these faces!  Little do they know that I would be posting it on my blog! We shopped for most of the day and then headed to eat dinner at the Original Oyster House.  It was so good!!  We even bought an entire peanut butter chocolate chip pie to take home with us because it was way cheaper to buy the pie than to buy 4 pieces!  We ate on that pie all week!!!  So good!!!
We got up and went to the gym first thing!!  We were all wanting to keep each other motivated.   After doing some cardio at the gym we went back to the bigger of the 2 condos and did a workout tape called core fusion.  I talked about it and linked to it on my vlog post from Wednesday. 

The view of the ocean from our balcony 
Michelle & I on the balcony before heading out to dinner at The Hangout 
Michelle, Me & Lindsay 
Nate & I 
Mimi, Nate & Papa 
Love that big cheesy smile 
Maddie, Kelsey & Nate 
Lindsay, Michelle, Gerry & I 
Love this! 
Lindsay, Katie, Gerry, Me & Michelle 
Katie, Mike & Nate
Finally, after all these pictures, we finally got to go to dinner!  We went to a place called The Hangout and it was excellent.  It was empty so we got right in which was very nice.  After dinner we went to look around in the shop and there was this wall called the wish wall.  We made a few wishes to add! 

My wish is the yellow one in the middle 
Michelle's wish 

That's the first 3 days and I think I'll keep the last 4 days for tomorrows post.  I'm pretty sure this was plenty long!!  I go back to work tomorrow and I'm sure that will be a rude awakening!!