Saturday, August 18, 2012

Totally Random

As I'm awake at 2:15 this morning when my alarm is set for 6:00 is a bit annoying...although I got totally caught up on all the blogs I've missed reading this week!

This is definitely a bullet point type of post!
  • Love love love the chat video between Melissa, Jennifer, Mandy & Tonya
  • I didn't blog all week
  • I've worked a little to much for my liking this week
  • I am so excited for next weekend--bachelorette party festivities will be had
  • I'm kind of obsessed with Friends right now....I love them
  • My laptop is so slow....that iMac is really calling my name
  • Have you all heard of the new perfume....Hippie Chic??
  •  I just got up and put my grapes in the freezer...after reading about frozen grapes on
    this girls blog
  • I'm horrible at grocery shopping lately
  • Target it
  • Dress-Target  Belt-Charlotte Russe  And now I see that it needed to be thrown in the dryer for a couple minutes to get those wrinkles out!
  • I'm going to be so tired at work in 2 hours
  • Night shift screws me up so bad on regular days
  • I'm so hungry....breakfast at the restaurant is going to be so good!
  • I have so many drafts started....not because I plan on posting them, but because I also use this blog as a journal



I think I am the only other crazy that's awake right now!!! lol! I do the whole shift-work as well, nights at the moment, so this is definitely my "catch up" time =) have a great shift at work!! and lots of coffee!


Love the photo! You look adorable in that dress, friend! And I would go bananas if my schedule kept me up at strange hours! You seem to handle it so well, friend!