Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

I worked at the restaurant all day and then came home and watched more Scandal.  Do ya'll watch that show??  I love love LOVE it!!!  I'm finally caught up with the most recent episode.  I didn't do much else that night because I had to be up early to work the next day.

I worked all day then met up with Runge to make good on my bet!!  We bet on the Indiana vs. Illinois game and since I lost I had to buy his sushi lunch.  I then went to Dillard's to

My rose from an old man that comes in to the restaurant regularly and I'm his favorite
Worth every penny!!
I came home and took a nap then felt like doing nothing!!  I ended up doing some cleaning but that was it.  I started watching Private Practice again.  I had watched it during the regular season in the beginning but ended up not keeping up with it so I started where I left off.  I haven't gotten really into it yet but all the talk about Addison wanting a baby makes me want to vomit!  I say that stuff all the time!!  Geez...
I got up and decided to meet some friends at the winery.  I had plans to do nothing today, but since I did nothing all weekend, I changed my mind!  I met them at a place called Walkers Bluff.  There was a really cute guy there with another guy but I didn't have enough nerve to say anything to him.  I kept catching his eye every time I looked over at him, I should have just gone over there but didn't.  He left before we did so I missed my chance, my huge, long, 2 hour chance I had!  #scaredycat  We went to get something to eat then went to hang out at one of our friends house.
Andi, Lacee & I 
They were all trying to tie the cherry stem in a know with their tongues! 
Lacee & I in the "Beauty and the Beast" chairs

Drinking wine by the fire