Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

So I slept like crap because all I thought about was what was going to be going on this afternoon.  I got up and got ready for my nail appointment.  I didn't take a picture of them, but I do the shellac and I got Gossip Girl.  It's pink pink pink and I love it!!  I met Niki out shopping and found Baby Ryker some of the cutest stuff!!  Check out these hats!!

He was loving it!!
Mr. Man!!
We did a little bit of shopping for ourselves then it was time for my appointment.  I was so nervous!  The receptionist was cracking up at me!  I am a nurse so that means I am not a good patient.  I went right back to the room and my nurse was sooo nice.  She talked me down a little bit from my freaking out and then the Dr. came in.  He was amazing!!  I can't say enough good things about him!  He came in and introduced himself to me and sat down to talk to me about what his plan was.  He looked at the spot and said it was a lot smaller than what he thought.  Instead of having to cut it out, he was able to scrape it off and cauterize it.  I know that sounds bad.  It wasn't at all!!  The nurse numbed me up before hand and that was probably the worst part!  Lidocaine stings at first when it is first injected but then it's fine.  It took her a while to numb it up because she had to go around the whole thing.  I felt a lot more relaxed after talking to the Dr. but was still talking her leg off.  We figured out that I was her nurse when she had her second baby!  She asked me where I worked and said she thought I looked familiar when I walked in.  I love my job!!  It was over in no time at all and I was so relieved.  I was so worried how I was going to feel afterward and now that was completely gone!  We even went and did a little more shopping!!  After that we went to Niki's parents house to get the boys and then went on to her house.  We ate dinner and hung out then Niki and I watched Breaking Dawn part 2!!  It was so good, even though I about had a heart attack at the end when the fight broke out!  I headed home and slept like a rock!
I slept great!!  I woke up and then got ready to work at the restaurant for a few hours.  They were slow but I still ended up making good money.  I came home and started watching LOST!  And I am so addicted already!!  It pretty much consumed the rest of my weekend!
Yep, I woke up and it was rainy and cold so I preceded to watch more LOST and then the normal Sunday night shows.  Definitely not a productive weekend but a nice relaxing one!!  I mean we can't all have such fabulous weekends like Stephanie, Katie, Shalyn and Kristen....go check them out!!!