Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Wrap-Up


I went home this weekend for several reasons, I had the weekend off, I was going to housesit and some of my family was coming into town and having a fish fry! I drove home after work on Thursday. I got up Friday morning and did laundry, watched TV and read a lot of my book. It was great!! I also got to eat some dinner with a very good friend from high school. We had GD Ritzy's because I don't ever get to eat there anymore since they don't have them in IL. I hung out with she and her little girl for the rest of the night. I didn't take one single picture!! I'm now seeing this as a trend for this weekend although check out the next 2 pictures.......

Simone (my sisters cat that lives at my parents house) rolling all over my clean laundry!

Notice all the hair on my black t-shirt! When I sent these pictures to my mom and my sister they both preceded to tell me that there was a lent roller on the shelf above her!! SPOILED!!

I got up and ran to the store to get all the ingredients I needed to make this fabulous cake! My friend Brooke gave me a recipe book one year for Christmas with some of her favorite recipes in it. It is one of my most favorite gifts ever!! The recipe for this cake is in there but never in my life did I think I would actually make it, everything is made from scratch!! It's her mom's recipe and Brooke had just made it earlier in the week for her mom's birthday. I love this cake and thought I would make it for the family get together Sunday. I did and it was FABULOUS!!!! It was 3 layers and ended up being so tall the lid to my cake plate wouldn't even fit over it!

Italian Cream Cake

After I made the cake I knew I needed to let it cool so I went and layed out for a bit in my parents back yard. It was so nice and I didn't even get hot. Even though it was cool I still got a little bit of a sunburn.

My view laying out in the back yard!
I then washed my car (of course, I had to get the bugs off) and came inside and watched some TV and read some more. I texted my friend Danielle and we ended up hanging out at a house of one of her friends. They had a fire pit in the back yard and we sat around that and talked and ate smores. It was a great night!!
Headed over to my Aunt Cindy & Uncle Dennis' house for the fish fry around 1 or so. My cousin Jennifer had come into town for the weekend so it was the first time I got to meet her new baby boy Silas. He was precious!!!

Jason, Jennifer & Silas
Not a very good picture, I'm blaming it on the sun!! It was a great day with great food and family. I left pretty soon after we ate because I needed to get back to So. IL at a decent time to get ready for my work week. Well decent time ended up being almost 8p.m. I then went down to Niki's to finish some baby shower invitations for our friend Jaime who's having a little girl soon!!

We thought they turned out pretty darn cute!! It's her 2nd little girl so we didn't do the traditional pink baby girl theme, instead we're doing a little pumpkin theme with fall colors.
Well, my labor day working was very very busy!!!! I'm sure all the ER's were busy today with Dr.'s offices not being open. Here's to tomorrow being nice and slow!!
P.S. Everybody is talking about putting out fall decor.......mine is up!! Took all of about 3 seconds, my pumpkin welcome sign that hangs on my door. I will decorate more when I live in something bigger than a crackerjack box!!