Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

I got to sleep in!!!!  YAY!!!  That made me very happy!  I had quite a bit to do that day and I fit it all in and got to see several of my girl friends while doing it.  I met my friend Brooke and her little boy for lunch at Steak N Shake.  We got our food so fast, we couldn't believe it!  It was yummy!  I then went to Target to get a baby shower gift.  My friend Laryssa was on her way into town for a doctors appointment and met me at Target.  I hadn't seen her or baby Tenley for almost 3 weeks.  I held her all the way through the store, she is just so precious!  After that, I went to help decorate for the shower.  The girls had pretty much done all of it by the time I got there.  We then went to Walmart so they could pick up some last minute shower things.  I went home to change my clothes then headed down to the campground to hang out with my BFF Niki and her family.  This was the first time this year that I had gotten to hang out with them at the campground. 
Dawson, Lucas & I....those boys are so funny!

 Niki & I

We were making popcorn on the fun!!

 The finished product

Marley dog gets her own chair!

We had a good time but were all very tired and I headed home.  Hopefully get to do it again with them soon!!

I got up and got ready for Jaime's shower, wrapped then gifts, then headed to the party shop to pick up the balloons for Niki.  The 3 of us got there early to set up all the food and make sure everything was ready. 

The Hostesses-Myself, Heather & Niki

Me, Niki, Jaime and her daughter Josie & Heather

The shower went great!!  Everybody loved the food and decorations.  Jaime got lots of great things for baby Jayla.  We all can't wait to meet her!  She's due Thanksgiving day but I bet we meet her before then!!

After the shower I headed home to change my clothes to get ready to cheer on the Salukis.  I met my friend Deana at her house and we headed on to the game.  I get there and Elly was the cutest little cheerleader I had ever seen!!

Youngest Saluki Cheerleader~Elly

See, the cutest cheerleader!!

The stadium was packed!!!  We did the wave around the whole stadium 3 times!!!!  So fun!!!

The Salukis ended up losing the game in the 4th quarter.  This is the 1st regular season home game that we have lost in like 4 years.  It was still really fun and I hope to get to go to a game in October and maybe that one will be cooler because I was sweating the entire time last night!  After the game I hung out with Deana at their house.  We talked and talked and talked, it was so fun!!  Casey finally came home and he hung out with us for a while and when I looked at the clock and saw how late it was I figured I better go home!!  Fun, fun day!! 

Church this morning was really nice!!  The reading was from Luke, I really like Luke.  Elly was so cute after church.  Her mom was holding her and she reached for me when they walked outside.  I love it!!!  I came home and cleaned my apartment.  It only took me an hour and a half but I didn't do the bathroom because I hate doing the bathroom.  I do it on a separate day!  I made chicken and dumplins for lunch and I will eating it for dinner too.  Another great weekend!!Hope everyone elses was just as nice!!