Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I pretty much already did my weekend post because of the reunion but I wanted to do it separately. It was a rainy day and I didn't really want to do anything but I had to go to the mall to find something to wear to my reunion. Nothing like waiting till the last minute! It was a success at least. After my sister Lindsay got off work we went to another bridal shop in search of bridesmaid dresses in the right color! We didn't have much luck but we are hoping there will be some new designs coming out before we have to order. Then we went home and I got ready for the reunion!

After we did the tour, I drove back to So Ill for a going away party for a girl I worked with at the hospital. It was at a winery in Carterville called Walkers Bluff. It was beautiful!! I only took 1 picture (see below)
Nikki & I
It was a fun time but I was so tired from the night before and then driving 2 hours back. I left about 10 or so and headed home. I had started to watch the movie Valentine's Day before I went to the party and so I finished it when I got home. It was ready for my season 7 of One Tree Hill to start coming in the mail. The first disc should be here tomorrow!! I want to watch it all before all of the good shows come back on.
LAZY LAZY DAY I spent the day cleaning, got groceries, did laundry and watched several movies.....In Her Shoes, Dirty Dancing & Sweet Home Alabama, twice! See....lazy day and I think it's about time for me to go to bed, I have another busy week ahead of me!
Oh, I am so tired of still being hot in my apartment, I'm ready for some nice fall weather!!