Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up


I always look forward to Friday mornings because I know it's the day I get to sleep in but this Friday was not one of those.  I was up at the crack of dawn and kept trying to go back to sleep but I couldn't so I just got up!  I went ahead and got ready for the day then headed out to run errands.  I ran by the post office then headed over to Target.  My BFF Niki was there so I met up with her and we made plans for lunch.  Her youngest son ended up getting sick at school so she had to skip lunch.  I went on to Wal-Mart to get groceries and headed home to make chili.  I've been craving chili and since it was going to be cooler this weekend I thought it was a perfect idea.  YUM!  My friend Laryssa called and told me one of our friends was coming into town today and that she was coming over around 2.  I headed over there to chat with them.  Andi just recently got engaged so we spent the whole time talking wedding and holding baby Tenley.

 Love all her little faces
 She's just so precious! 
Andi & Tenley
Tenley & I

Andi also asked me to be her "Go-to person" on her wedding day!!  I was so excited!!!  It's June of next year and it's going to be so much fun!!  I should be a pro anyway becuase it'll be about a month after Lindsay's wedding!  Around 5 we both left so Laryssa could go to work.  I had plans with Brooke for dinner.  She came and got me and we headed off to Applebee's.  It was just a girls night!!  KJ was too cute!!  We went to Maurice's after that but didn't find really anything worth buying.  They dropped me off and came in for a little bit.  Brooke came and shopped in my closet for something to wear for her date night with her husband.  After they left I headed over to Deana's to watch a movie with her since her husband was out of town for the SIU ball game.  We watched "Letters to Juliet" it was cute but very predictable.  We stayed up till way late talking and finally went to bed around midnight.  FUN FUN FRIDAY!!!


I met Deana back at her house and we went to Creal Springs for the Wonder Water Parade.  We met some others there and the kids were so cute!!  I went with Deana to run some errands she had to do.  We hung out with Lindsey for a while.  I had to be at work at the restaurant at 4 so I went home and ate lunch and got ready for work.  It was a pretty fun night at KB's and I actually made some pretty good money!  I came home and watched the last of disc 3 of One Tree Hill then headed off to bed.  I was exhausted!!


Got up and headed to church and was surprised how COLD it was outside!!  Then I went to Dollar Tree (like I do every Sunday) to get my newspaper and a few other things.  I also had to go back to Wal-Mart to get some things I forgot on Friday.  I came home and did laundry.  I had double the amount of laundry because I didn't do any last weekend.  It's all done now though and all put away.  I also cleaned up the apartment like I do every Sunday.  I'm starting to see a bit of a routine!!  I hope everybody else had a great weekend as well!!  I can't believe next weekend it will already be October!!