Sunday, December 19, 2010

100th Post

It just so happens that my 100th post happens to be this one....I wish I had something great to post but it's just going to have to be my weekend wrap-up!
I started a new job this past Monday and spent everyday in an orientation doing classes.  I get to actually start doing my job on Tuesday and I'm so looking forward to that.  Ok, so Friday was hair hair day!  Sonja did a wonderful job like always and then I went on to work to sit through 3 more classes.  After the day was done I headed to Evansville to do some Christmas stuff with my family.  I had to drive in the dark for most of the way and I really don't like driving in the dark...I made it though until I got to the driveway.  I go in with some things and my mom is in the kitchen so I tell her hi and go to get the rest of the stuff out of my trunk.  As soon as I get out to my car I see it sliding backwards....I'm about ready to freak out and I grab the hood and stop it and scream bloody murder yell for Mom....she comes out and I'm like "my car is sliding backwards, I've got ahold of it and stopped it"  HILARIOUS I'm sure....anyway, my mom gets in and moves it to safety off the ice in the driveway!  I checked on it several times before I went to bed and it was still safe. 
We all got up early to go watch my niece's play basketball.  They both won the 1st games of the day which put both teams in the championship game later that afternoon.

Madison's team (7th grade team) won the championship game and Kelsey's team (8th grade team) did not.  They were so upset and made us all want to cry.  They are going to be an awesome team next year at Central!  After the games we went up to Boonville for Koester Christmas.  We got there just in time to eat!!  Then they did a cookie contest and Santa came. 
My cousin Justin & his family 
My cousins little girl Tori & Santa 
Jessi, Me & Jennifer 
My Grandma with Santa & Mrs. Clause 
My Grandpa & Santa 
All the grandkids singing the annual Koester Christmas song 
Me & my Dad 
My sister Lindsay & I 
My cousins little girl Zoe & I 
Tori & I 
Lindsay & I 
Lindsay, Me & Michelle
 Everybody started cleaning up but some of us stayed around and sat on the floor and talked for probably another hour or so.  I didn't get to go last year because I had to work, I'm glad I got to see everybody this year!  Lindsay & I went back to our parents house to stay the night and do cookies tomorrow. 
COOKIE DAY!!  Every year my mom makes about a billion cookies on this day.  Lindsay & I were already there and when we woke up mom was already getting started on the chocolate chip which I'm pretty sure she made around 15 dozen of those.  Kelsey & Maddie both had ball games so they were gone for a little bit during the day and I don't think we got very many done at all while they were gone.  They always do way more than me and my sisters do!  I had to leave pretty early because I wanted to drive back before it got too dark.  I got to run by my friend Deana's house and get a plate of cookies from her too.....yummy!  I came home and put in a movie from my blockbuster in the mail...Killers with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigel.  I'm excited to go to work these next 4 days then it's CHRISTMAS!!  I might not be blogging till after Christmas so 
Merry Christmas to all my blogging buddies!!