Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent most of the morning shopping with my friend Niki then we went to lunch at Red Lobster.  Oh so good!  I had bought an outfit at Maurices.  I got this in bark, this in pristine & these crazy patterned tights.  I tried to find them online but was unable to.  Well, I came home and tried the outfit on with my boots and laughed at myself in the mirror.  I immediately took it off and returned it all to the store.  I had spent like $54 on the outfit so I was definitely getting my money back if I wasn't wearing it.  So I went to Target for the 2nd time this morning and was hoping they still had a dress that I had seen there a month or so ago.  Well I didn't see it but there were several others.  I picked them up in my size and went to check the clearance rack for the dress I came looking for but instead found this gorgeous purple dress for $7.28!!  It was the first one I tried on and didn't even try the others on because who can pass up a $7 dress!  Love it!!  You'll see it in Saturday's post!!  I also got a little more Christmas shopping done.  Okay, so then I went to the ER Christmas party at Tracy's house.  So fun!

I didn't do a whole lot today.  It was raining and I don't like to get out in the rain unless I have to.  The hospital Christmas party was at 6 tonight so I just did some things around the apartment till it was time to get ready and also watched some more Glee season 1.  Lovin' that show!  The rain stopped by the time I went to leave for the party which made me very happy.  The party was a blast although I didn't win money like I did last year.  After the party was over we all went to Teddy's to do some more dancing!!
Betty & her 2 girls 
Anna & I 
Gerel & I 
Katie & I 
Tracy & I 
Betty & I ~ Love her 
Anna & I  
Megan & I 
Heather & I 
I'm standing on a gigantic present!!   
On our way to Teddy's 
Justin & I ~ Cute Cute! 
Allison & I  Can anyone else tell that this was the last picture of the night??

My Sunday was spent indoors because our little dusting of snow turned into more than that and the wind was CRAZY!!!

I made myself breakfast and watched Sex & the City.  Then I made sugar cookies and iced them and watched Sex & the City again.  I'm pretty sure I watched Sex & the City 3 times today somehow.  I love that movie and want to be Carrie or at least have her shoes and handbags!!  Then I put in the first season of One Tree Hill because I love that show!  It's days like today that I wish I had a washer and dryer because I could have done so much of these days!  Hope everybody had a great weekend, family Christmas festivities start next weekend and I start my new job tomorrow!!