Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Thursday-This was the start of my weekend
I headed to Evansville this morning to do some shopping and then went to see Carrie Underwood!!!!  She is my FAVORITE!!!  The concert was so great I just wish I had a better camera so I could have gotten some better pictures. time I'll turn on the flash!

Billy Currington


I was Betty Crocker this morning doing all kinds of Christmas cookies and other stuff to take to our girls get together tomorrow at Lacy & Jason's.  I did a little more shopping then went with Lindsay to try on a bridesmaid dress that I'm pretty sure she had decided on.  We loved it!!  We then went to Maddie's 12th birthday party. 

Got up early and got ready then went to Danielle's to get she & Lindsay to head down to Paducah.  We packed up the mustang and started on our 2 hour drive.  We got there and Madelyn came running to open the door and just started talking up a storm to us!  It was so cute!!!  Janelle & Darren Layne got there next and he was being so shy!  He warmed up to us a little later.  Becca, Todd & the girls got there next and they went right to playing with Madelyn's kitchen.  Then Sara, Jon & the boys got there.  We ate practically the whole time we were there.  There is always so much food and it is all so good!  This year we decided to do a dirty Santa gift exchange, we had fun with that!!  The kids played the whole time!!  There were 9 adults there and last year when we got together Jason wanted to teach us how to play bunco but we didn't have enough people so we got to do it this year.  Bunco is so fun!!  We all had such a great time, I wish we could do it more often!
Darren Layne & I 
Madelyn & I 
Madelyn & Lindsay 
Lindsay, Madelyn & Darren Layne 
Danielle & Darren Layne 
It's really hard to get a picture of 6 kids under the age of 4! 
Look at those precious little girls!!! 
The Girls 

Becca & I 
Danielle & I ~ Twins! 
Lacy & I took this picture probably 6 times trying to take a good one! 
I love this little girl!!

 Can't wait till next year girls!!!  Love you all!!!  I'm also so looking forward to Lacy's 30th birthday trip to Vegas in 2012!!!
Slept in just a little bit then woke up to some snow!!  I went to my niece's basketball game.  She won!!  I went back to my parent's house to get my stuff together and head home.  I watched a movie, then some more of Glee season 1 and now I'm watching my Sunday night shows.  It was a FANTASTIC 4 days!!!