Tuesday, December 7, 2010

30 DBC ~ Catch Up

Day 15 ~ Your Role Model
My role models are my mom, and all 3 of my sisters.  My mom raised me to be a strong independent woman who I hope makes her proud!!  My oldest stepsister Katie has such a great work ethic but still manages to be an awesome Mom and wife, I hope I'm that great one day!  My next oldest sister Michelle has more determination than most people I know who is a great Mom to the greatest girls I know!!  My little sister Lindsay can do no wrong and will always be the baby to everyone, I hope I can be as creative as her one day!!  Love you all!!

Day 16 ~ A Song That Makes You Cry
Carrie Underwood - Someday When I Stop Loving You

Day 17 ~ An Art Piece
I love Jack Vettriano paintings!!  Here are the 2 I have

Day 18 ~ My Future Wedding
Skipping this day....

Day 19 ~ A Talent
Talents, talents.....not so sure what talents I could list here but how about making hair bows, I just recently learned how to do that.

Day 20 ~ A Hobby
My hobbies include blogging, used to be reading, working out when I take the time to go, baking, making hair bows, making cards and watching movies (that's a hobby, right?)

Day 21 ~ A Recipe
This is a recipe I got from my best friend Niki and I'm pretty sure every time I make it and take it somewhere somebody asks me for the recipe.  So here it is:
Niki's Cheeseball
1 package of cream cheese softened
2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese
1 pack of Hidden Valley Ranch Dip mix
Mix the cream cheese and ranch together then add all but about 1/2 cup of the cheese.  Form into a ball and cover with remaining cheese, serve with townhouse crackers!! 
Easy as can be and it's a hit every time!!