Thursday, December 9, 2010

On to BIGGER & Better Things

Well, today was my last day at Herrin.  My last day at my first nursing job.  My last day having to do EKG's all day long.  My last day doing an LPN job.

On to BIGGER & better things for sure!

I am so blessed to have had such great co-workers to work with.  They threw me a little going away party and gave me a wonderful card and gift.  Love them!!
Never have to sit here again 
Won't be sitting here anymore either 
That's a HUGE Italian cream cake!  Thanks Tarah! 

Mary & I ~ I hope to travel nurse with her one day
Tarah & I  ~ My workout buddy, although she's much better at going!  I'm gonna try harder Tarah I promise!!
Janet & I ~ She tried to play matchmaker for me a couple times, HAHA! 
Lori & I ~ Pretty sure she took me to Teddy's for the first time 
Heidi & I ~ A huge inspiration for me.  She has prayed and prayed for me and I know she will continue as I will for her.  Love her!!

I just want to say the biggest THANK YOU to everyone for teaching me so much and being a great first nursing job!!  I promise I'll come back to visit but you can bet I won't come back to do EKG's!!  Carbondale, here I come!!



Krystal-You are beautiful and you look like you would be a sweet nurse! I have always wanted to be a nurse. I still plan to do it one day. Steve thinks I am crazy! I love anything medical. I wish you well in your new job!
Your Christmas background is so cute!