Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites
I saw this fun little post on a few other blogs and decided to do it for myself! It's going to be really hard for me to only pick one for some of the favorites so I may cheat a little on some and choose more than one favorite!
Favorite time of day:  Couch and tv time
Favorite season:  Summer
Favorite month:  June
Favorite holiday:  Christmas
Favorite subject:  Math
Favorite channel:  ABC :)
Favorite color:  Purple
Favorite song:  Lots but right now I love Sara Evans "Little bit stronger"
Favorite movie:  The Notebook, The Proposal, Sex and the City, Devil wears Prada
Favorite celebrity:  Sandra Bullock, Rachel McAdams
Favorite kind of music:  Country
Favorite TV show:  One Tree Hill
Favorite thing to do:  Hang out with friends
Favorite place in the world:  Home
Favorite hobby:  Reading
Favorite animal:  Penguin
Favorite place to live:  Murray, KY just because of all the college fun!!
Favorite place to vacation:  Gulf Shores, AL
Favorite restaurant:  Fugiyama
Favorite food:  Pizza
Favorite thing to cook:  Gooey butter cake
Favorite drink:  Vanilla diet coke from sonic
Favorite chore:  Dishes
Favorite makeup:  Estee Lauder
Favorite hair products:  Biolage
Favorite lotion:  Vanilla Lace from VS
Favorite perfume:  Chance by Chanel
Favorite blogger:  Right now Megan :)
Favorite thing to blog about:  Fun weekends
Favorite books:  Nicholas Sparks, Jennifer Crusie, James Patterson
Favorite thing to wear:  Jeans, shirt and flip flops
Favorite kind of day:  Warm and sunny
Favorite memory:  The day I found out I passed RN boards!!



gooey butter cake sounds awful good right now..