Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

So I should just write "worked" but instead I can write "standby"!!  I got standby today so that means that I am "on-call" and have to be ready to go in when they call.  I got ready and called Niki to see if she was gonna be in town to run some errands...of course she was, it's Friday!  So I met her and did some grocery shopping.  Every time we would go in some place I was checking my phone because I was scared I was going to miss the call to call me in.  I never did though!!  We made it all day and got everything we wanted to do and still had time left!  I was so surprised and it will probably never happen again!  I ended up going down to their house for dinner and we watched the movie "Morning Glory".  It was pretty good, I love Rachel McAdams!! 

I had a nail appointment (love the new Shellac) and had plans that night so I went to Niki's instead of coming back to Marion then go back to Goreville.  We hung out at her house and then went to a birthday party for her cousin.  Look at these cute pictures I got...

After this party we had plans to go to another birthday party for a surprise 30th!!  It was at a winery.  It ended up not being a surprise, he found the invitation the night before and his wife had to tell him about the party.  He didn't know who all she invited though, so he was excited to see a lot of his friends there. 
Self portrait on the way
Niki & Michael
Me, Niki & Charlene
Chad & I
Michael & I
Charlene & Eddy
Me & John Runge
Courtney, Niki & I with the Indian
Jethro, Eddy, Michael, Runge & I...they're so funny!
So after we left the winery we went to our friends house to hang out and play games.  It was fun!! 
The time change always messes the day up but I'm so glad it's going to be lighter when I get off work and it means spring is on its way!!!  I'm so looking forward to those 70 degree days we should be having later this week!!  My friend Brooke invited me over that afternoon to hang out, I hadn't been there is such a long time!!  We hung out on the front porch, rearranged her living room furniture, her husband washed my car and I vacuumed it out, then we ate some dinner and watched some tv.  It was a great way to end the weekend!!