Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I know it's Tuesday but I had a busy weekend and then worked the past 2 nights.  Better late than never!!
I slept in a little later than I was planning so when I got up I was in a hurry to get everything together so I could take my stuff to my friend Niki's for the garage sale tomorrow.  We got all that situated then headed to her MIL's pool to get some sun and try to stay cool.  The pool was so warm!!  We put the hose in it and pretty much just stayed right there where the cold water was.  We hung out at her house that night and did a few "pre-sales".  I headed home so I could go to bed at a decent time so I could get up early the next morning for the garage sale!!

I was up super early to get ready for the garage sale.  I went to a new place called "Southern Maide" to get donuts for everybody then headed down.  We had a steady stream of people all day and made decent money.  I made the most I've ever made before!!  I was exhausted so after we got everything packed up I fell asleep for a little bit then ate pizza with Niki and the boys.  Some other friends were going out tonight so I headed home to get ready and met them later that night.  We had a good time!!  They decided to go to another bar so I left and met up with some other friends.

Slept in that morning, went and got some lunch then came home and slept more.  Before I knew it it was 5 and I had to start getting ready for work.  We had a storm blow through that afternoon and I was without power for a little bit, I was glad it came back on in time for me to get ready for work.