Sunday, July 10, 2011

Current River~Float Trip 2011

Also my weekend wrap-up
So Friday I got up and was so excited to get my stuff all together and leave!!  We were all meeting at Mike & Niki's and leaving from there.  Niki and I decided to go ahead and start the party before we left!!  Everybody got there and we loaded up the 2 trucks and hit the road!!
First of many pictures of the weekend! 
Excited to be on our way!! 
I'm excited too!! 
Our hats for the float trip!
We got there and checked in to our room and were so surprised at how nice it was!!  It was exactly like the pictures looked!!
4 of us shared this bedroom 
1st bathroom 
Living room  
1 of the other bedrooms
We just hung out there for awhile.  We sat outside and drank and talked for a while then headed to the restaurant in the other building.  Pretty good food!!  

Chad took my camera and got the great pics!! 

 We decided to go out after we ate but I didn't take my camera.  It was a little bar with karaoke, a beer pong table, some pool tables and lots of fun!!!  We got there early and there weren't any other people there but that changed pretty quickly!!  It ended up being really fun but was a little too smoky for me!!  Some people had a little more fun than others....
Yep, passed out at the table...he eventually made it to a bed!

FLOAT DAY!!! We all got up around 8 and started getting our stuff together for the trip. We were all so excited!! I took a few pictures before hand with my real camera and brought a water camera for the float. I'll have to add those later or just do another post with just those pictures....who knows how they will turn out!!

All the girls ready to float! 
Me & Runge!!  Always gotta have one of these pictures! 
Crazy Beth & I 
Niki & I
After we got off the lake (about 8 hours later) we showered and changed clothes so we could go get something to eat.  Once again, Chad got my camera and took these pictures...
Niki & I 
Something was funny....most of the weekend funny! 
Runge was over it 
So was Brian

After dinner, we all headed back to the room and sat outside for a while and talked.  Everybody was so tired so we all headed to bed except for Chad, he went to the bar again!  The rest of us crashed!!
We were up early again today but not in the same good moods we were in yesterday!  We all got ready, packed up and headed out.  We stopped at Lambert's for some dinner and then finally made it home.  Then it was the not so fun part of unpacking and cleaning my apartment.  It was a mess from working the 3 days in a row before we left!!  It was such a great weekend!!  Now it's time for me to start working night shift as of tomorrow....kinda nervous about that!!  We'll see how it goes!!



Popping in from Jenna's ;0)

Looks like a fun trip! Can't believe 4 of you shared that room!