Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I mostly ran errands, went to the gym and then went home to get ready for Eddy's surprise 30th Birthday party that night.  I went and got the balloons and it was rather comical seeing me packing 2 huge bags of helium balloons in the back of my mustang!!  Then it was so hot that one ended up popping and it scared the crap out of me!!  Anyway, I took a ton of pictures to document the rest of the night!!
Joni and Niki setting up the food table at the winery

My BFF & her Momma! 
Niki & I 
Niki, Charlene & I 

Niki talking to her husband on the phone telling them how the car won't start and they need to come help us.  That was how they got Eddy to the party. 

Everybody waiting for him to walk in 

I'm pretty sure they were getting ready to start dancing... 

Last picture of the night...who knows what they were doing!

I hung out at Niki's that morning for a little bit then came home to get ready to go work at the restaurant.  It was a steady afternoon but I ended up leaving around 6 to meet my friends at Fujiyama to eat for Eddy's birthday.  This was what he thought was the plan the whole time for his birthday because of course, he didn't know about the party.  It was so good and we all stuffed ourselves silly!!  I ended up going down to Mike and Niki's and finished watching a movie they had rented.

It was cool and overcast and rainy off and on all day so our plans of going to the pool and laying out one last time was a bust.  Instead, we watched some of the Real Housewives of New Jersey marathon and cleaned her house then they cooked out for dinner.  I had to work that night so I left in time to go home and get all my things for work then worked all night.

I have to say that my summer was GREAT!!!  I am definitely looking forward to fall!!



Sounds like your weekend was great and your party went off with out a hitch!