Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Ok, I know I have been a total slacker when it comes to blogging....woops!  I didn't even get to finish the blog challenge.  Working 2 jobs and going out of town this past weekend meant no time for blogging!!  Of course, I still found time to read all of them!!

I came home from work and slept all day then got ready for my 2 job.  We had an awesome night at the restaurant which in turn means a lot of money in my pocket!!  I came home and watched some tv then decided to run and get groceries.  It gets more and more expensive every time I go!  I keep telling myself that I'm buying healthy things and not junk so that's why. 

I got up, packed my bags then headed off to Tennessee for my friend Tonya's wedding.  I made a little pitstop in Paducah to go to TJMaxx & Chick-fil-a!  YUM!!  Then once I got back on my way I thought I only had a little over an hour to go.  WRONG!  My GPS and directions I printed off were not correct!  Thank goodness my sister had the right directions and they were already there so I just talked to her till I found it through her directions. 
The wedding was on a golf course down a very big hill so golf carts were necessary! 
Anne, the Bride's brother & my sister Lindsay 

The Bride, Tonya & her dad 
Mr. & Mrs. Nichols  

Becca, Lacy, Me & Danielle 

Danielle & Jeremiah 
Their first dance  

The wedding and reception was outside and it got rather chilly that night...Madelyn stayed warm!  We left the reception and all went back to our hotel to hang out.  It was so fun to just hang out and get to talk.  I love those girls so much!!

We all got up and ate breakfast at the restaurant at the hotel.  Everybody went their separate ways to head home.  Becca, Todd & I were all going to drive through Murray to visit our Alma Mater.  We were a little disappointed that the bookstore was closed because of fall break.  We decided to walk around campus. 
Murray has a "shoe tree" on the quad.  If a couple meets on campus while attending the university and they get married you take one of his shoes and one of hers and nail them on the tree.  There are some old shoes on that tree!!  The pink flip flop and the black one behind belong to my friends!! 
Jordan, Becca & Todd's youngest daughter 
Showing off her belly! 
Then she was a puppy!! 
(horrible picture taking)
Todd and the girls 
They are too funny!!

I finally made it home and made the mistake of doing laundry instead of sleeping before I had to go into work that night.  I definitely paid for it that night!!