Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I worked all day at the restaurant then met my parents at the campsite. My parents, sisters and nieces were coming over to my neck of the woods to camp this weekend. I got there around 5 and camp was all set up. My older sister and her girls got there a little after me. We hung out for a little bit and then got started on dinner.
Mom & I 
Kelsey & I 
Michelle & I
Michelle and I got up around 7 because we were freezing!!  The fire couldn't get started soon enough!!  We had breakfast, showered and waited for Lindsay to get there.  While we were waiting, we went around and picked up sticks and wood that was around our campsite for the fire.  Michelle and mom found these logs and were acting like they were strong! 

Then we went on a hike.  Lindsay, Kelsey & Maddie on a trail posing
Gerry wanted to pose too
Michelle, Mom & Gerry were behind me
Mom & Gerry
I was behind Linds
They're so funny!
Family picture Saturday night before we ate supper
And now a funny family picture
We had so much fun!!  We sat around the fire, played catch phrase and ate way too much!!!  Chad came out for a little bit that night to hang out with us too.
We got up, ate breakfast, packed up and headed home.  I was so happy to see my couch!!  I did all my laundry and took a nice long nap before work that night.  I got to be on standby until about 4:00 Monday morning.  I just worked for like 2 hours then ran some errands and went back home to sleep before going to work that night.