Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I slept all day today because getting up early the past 2 days was hard on this night shift girl!  I also had to work tonight so I needed to sleep anyway!! 

Today was a big day!!!  One of my best friends, Danielle, got engaged!!!  She is one of my 6 best friends from college.  Her boyfriend, Jeremiah, sent all of us a text message early last week telling us he was having a surprise party for Danielle on this Saturday and wanted to know if we would all be able to come.  He was going to propose before and then get Danielle to this party, her surprise engagement party!!  One of our friends, Lacy, wasn't able to come because she is about 38 weeks pregnant and lives 2 hours away.  Another friend had to miss it too.  There were lots of people there, it was definitely a packed house!!!  Jeremiah was texting with Danielle's sister to let us know when they would be getting there. 
Jordan waiting on Danielle & Jeremiah 
Lindsay, Me & Becca
They finally got there and this was her face as she finally realized what was going on!
The newly engaged Jeremiah & Danielle 
Love her!!!! 
So excited for them!!! 
Now I'm the last single one in the group.... 
Becca & I

Lindsay & I were surprised how late we slept in today, it was great!!!  Mom made dinner for all of us and it was so good!!!  Not anywhere close to being something I should be eating on my "diet" but all well, I'll get back to it tomorrow.  After we ate dinner we were talking about old school pictures and stuff so Mom went upstairs and got all kinds of old pictures.  We sat at the table and looked at pictures from 30+ years ago up till now, it was so fun!!  Next time, we plan on doing old home videos!!



I love spending time looking at old photos! Many many congrats to your friends getting engaged! That's awesome!