Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

This being my weekend to work, I slept most of the day.  I watched a little TV then started getting ready.  My friend Janelle had a 31 party for me at work and I was going to come in early to get all of her orders.  I ended up being put on mandatory standby so that meant I wasn't going in to work.  I talked to Janelle and decided to just go to her house to get the orders.  I ended up hanging out with her and her little boy for several hours.  It was so fun!!  We hadn't gotten to do that in forever!!  I ended up going home around midnight and called work to see if I was going to be called in anytime soon.....probably not.  I went home and watched some Gossip Girl and went to sleep!!

Well, my phone never rang so I was able to sleep all night and part of the day.  Work started calling at about 4:45 asking if I wanted standby, I said no and got ready for work.  When I got there they told me that I was only 1 person away from being mandated again!!  I couldn't believe it!!  I ended up being in the nursery all night, which I love!!  The babies were good to me and I enjoyed every minute of it!!

I came home and went right to sleep.  I got up and ran to the grocery store because I was craving spaghetti!!  I came home and made dinner, made sure my 31 order was good to be submitted tomorrow.  Now I'm sitting on the couch with a glass of wine, my computer and some movies!!