Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I had all intentions to get my booty to the gym today but just didn't make it.  I worked at the restaurant from 4 to 8:30.  I was taking one of the girls that I work with home and she needed to stop by the store on her way home.  We were cracking up walking down the aisles and finding the most ridiculous things!!  After I dropped her off at home I met my friend Abby at a local bar.  We sat at a table by ourselves and talked and then she sang several songs (it was karaoke night) and she was AMAZING!!!!  I knew she could sing but had never actually heard her, her voice was out of this world!!  She would blow the Idol judges away!!  She would rather write than sing she says!  We had a blast and called it a night several hours later.

I also worked at the restaurant today.  I got there at 6 and left around 1:30.  I ran to the mall because I was looking for some new black shoes to wear out tonight.  I of course didn't find any because I was actually looking for them, hopefully some other day.  I came home and napped for a couple of hours since I didn't get but a couple hours last night.  I got up and got ready to meet some friends at a restaurant to eat for one of the girls' birthdays.  Anybody remember this party from last year??  Yep, same birthday girl just clothing from this day and age!!  I wanted to stay at the restaurant for a little while longer because I wanted to watch the Murray State game but we left to go to a bar.  They had a dj and we were pretty much the only ones there, it was a lot of fun!!
Rachel and Troy, Kristen and Nick & Alice 
and again with Michael 
Poor Nick had a few to many drinks 
Niki & I

Chad met us at the bar.  Me, Chad, Mike & Niki all sat at one table and hung out there.  We had fun and danced a little bit. We hung out a little longer then decided to head out.

I tried to sleep all day but wasn't really able to.  I got ready for work and when I got there we only had 2 patients so I ended up getting to go home around 9:30.  I was glad because I knew I was going to be really tired. 

What a fabulous weekend!!

OH OH OH!!!  I have to add this!!  One of my best friends, Danielle, the one who got engaged last weekend, called me while I was at work.  I called her back when I was on my way home and she wanted to tell me that they had set a date for their wedding.  It's October 13, 2012!!  I was all excited and talking her ear off about all the stuff she already had planned that she was barely getting a word in!  She was finally able to ask me to be one of her bridesmaids!!  I was so excited I started crying!!  This girl is one of the best friends a girl could ask for and I knew she had to make a big decision on who she was gonna ask to be her bridesmaids so I am so honored!!