Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I worked at the restaurant all day and had a good day!! I didn't have any plans so I went home and watched some movies I had gotten in the mail. The first one I watched was "Horrible Bosses" and it was awful!! Now, I know that's my opinion but it really was!! There was one really funny part in this video!!

I ended up watching more Gossip Girl so I could go to sleep!!

I woke up and got ready for my friend Abby to come pick me up.  This is what I call my OOTD!!
Scarf, shirt and cardigan all from Target!!  Favorite store ever!!!  And....everything was on clearance!!

 Me, Abby & Jessica all had plans to get together and go to a few wineries and then eat dinner at a new place. We had so much fun!!
(I forgot to change the settings on my camera so we're a little overexposed!)  This is the only picture we took the whole day even though we had planned on taking a picture at each place....we got a little sidetracked talking the ENTIRE time, mostly about our job!!  Both wineries were wonderful and then dinner was amazing!!  Neither one was on my diet new healthy eating style but all well, it was so worth it!! 

This was the first superbowl I've had to work as far as I can remember.  I made rotel cheese dip to take to work, just because we missed the game doesn't mean we couldn't have some snacks!!  We never plan potlucks at work because every time we do we get so busy and nobody ever gets to actually enjoy the food!!  I brought something in and so did one other girl, nothing was planned and we still got super busy!!  Eventually we got to enjoy the cheese dip!!