Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

My washer was fixed yesterday so I was a happy girl to have plenty of clean clothes this morning!!  I worked all day at the restaurant.  It was a rather slow day.  I realized that "The Vow" opened today so I texted my friend Deana to see if she wanted to go to the late show with me.  We kept going back and forth whether or not we would was cold and we both worked all day so we kept tossing around the idea of just going home and snuggling up in our beds and being warm!!  We finally decided we wanted to go or we would probably never go to see it!!  (We've done this several times and still have never seen many of the movies!)  It was so so good!!  I'm a sucker for sappy love story movies so I knew that I would love it!!

I had a baby shower to go to for Chad's sister.  It was at noon and they had mimosas and all kinds of awesome food that the mom-to-be made along with her mom!!!  Everything was so good!!  I ate way too much even though I split the big homemade cinnamon roll with my friend Crissy.  I left around 2 to get some groceries for work that night.  I also got Breaking Dawn....can't wait for our girls night to watch it this weekend!!  I made it home in time to take a little nap before heading off to work.
While at work, I got several text messages in a row telling me that Whitney Houston died.  That became the talk of the night!!  We listened to her music all through our lunch break and all sang along.  It's so sad!!

I came home, slept all day then got up to get ready to do it all over again!!!