Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

TODAY WAS THE GREATEST DAY I'VE HAD IN A LONG LONG TIME!!!!!  I woke up around 4:30 and tossed and turned till about 7:50 then I finally got up.  I got my computer and took it back to bed with me.  It was exactly 8:00 when it showed up that I could check and when it popped up and said Pass I started crying balling like a baby and called my mom!  We were both soooooo excited!!  I kept saying I couldn't believe it, I kept looking back at the computer and making sure it really did say pass!!  I then proceeded to call everybody under the sun who I needed to tell!  Everybody I talked to was pretty much just as excited as I was.  So, after making all the important phone calls I got ready and met Niki out so we could do some shopping and get lunch.  I then came home but I don't have a clue what I did then had plans to go with some friends to Fujiyama's, which is a Japanese Hibachi Grill, to eat to celebrate my fabulous news!!
Brooke, Me & Deana

I love this place!

Today I was still super super happy!!  My church had a Women's Ministry Brunch from 9-11 so Deana and I went to that.  It was great and I'm really excited to get to do more stuff with that group.  There's a cookie/candy exchange we're going to do in December that I'm really excited about!  I came home to change my clothes then headed back to Carbondale to get some ribbon to make some hair bows with the girls tomorrow.  I also had some other things I wanted to look at and start getting some ideas for my Christmas list.  I then met Deana at SIU for the basketball exhibition game.  After that I went to Goreville to pick the boys up and went back to Mike & Niki's.  They played wii for a while and then we watched Toy Story 3....whoa, so sad!  They were so cute the whole time telling my how much they liked me as a "babysitter" and they loved me!!  I love those boys so much!

Hello time change!!  I woke up a little early for church this morning but I was ok with that because I went ahead and started laundry so I had 2 loads washed and in the dryer and 2 more loads in the washer by the time I headed to church.  It was soooo nice outside today so I opened the blinds and cleaned like a mad woman!!  Then I went to Deana's to look at the classifieds because I am so looking forward to moving out of this tiny apartment!  As much as I want a nicer place I'm not really looking forward to throwing away paying so much in rent!  That afternoon I went to Laryssa's to meet with she and Lori to make hair bows and I think we did a pretty good job and I'm pretty sure we had 2 of the cutest models ever!!

Really big on Tenley also!
My favorite picture of the day!!

I made 3.....I was much happier holding the babies and loving on them!!

**I know I don't have any babies yet (but hope to have some precious little girls one of these days) to make bows for but I have so many friends with baby girls or baby girls on the way and I like hobbies!!  This is also a lot cheaper than buying them already made!