Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a good day!!   I'm pretty sure my body is unable to sleep in anymore so I was up by 7:30 today.  I headed to bodypump then came home to get ready to run some errands with Niki.  She was at the hospital with our friend Jaime who just had her baby the night before so of course I met her up there. 

So precious!

We decided to go to lunch at O'Charley's and it was so good!!  I hadn't eaten there in a long time!  We finally got on our way to run errands but we got them all done and I made it home just in time to put my stuff together and head to Niki's house for my "Congrats you finally passed your boards" party.  We had so much food (like always) and lots of friends came by.  We had such a good time!
Dawson & I

Niki & I on the first try, we saw it and thought we needed a close-up!


My ornament Crissy & Brad got it!!!

Deana & I went to Carbondale to do some shopping before the last football game.  I got some more ribbon to make some more hair bows but that was about it.  I need to start my Christmas shopping but just haven't done it yet and that is so unlike me!!  I'm pretty sure I'll be shopping up until the last minute.  We went to the game and it was supposed to be sunny & 63 but it did not feel like it because of the cold wind.  It was a good last game and they pulled out a win!! 
She wasn't so sure about the hat & mittens

At halftime we went into the clubhouse to get warm and she had a ball running around looking out all the windows in there.  This is her somersault!!

Love that little face!!

After the ballgame, we went to Kelley Jo's 2nd birthday party.  She was such a doll!!  I didn't take a single picture with my camera but I did take 233 with Brooke's rebel.  Oh how I can't wait to have one!!  She got so many great things and I'm pretty sure she had a blast!!  After the party, Deana & I drove by an apartment I looked at the night before although I really like it I don't think I'm going to move in, evidently it's not in the greatest part of town.  We drove by some other ones and then went back to her house and we ate pizza from Walt's!!  It was soooo good!!  I love pizza & I wish I could eat it everyday!!  I came home and watched "The Last Song" and was so disappointed.  The acting was awful but it was pretty true to the book at least. 

Met Deana again to go to Carbondale and do some more shopping before the basketball game.  I didn't buy anything except for lunch, HA!  We made it to the basketball game and they won.  I was worried at the beginning of the game because I didn't think they were playing very well.  I came back home and was pretty lazy, although I did do dishes and clean up the kitchen, I'm off tomorrow so I can do more then!  I watched "The Backup Plan" and it was very cute!!  Much better than last nights movie choice.  I watched the end of the AMA's & got to see NKOTBSB perform.............LOVED IT!!!  I was definitely up in the middle of my living room dancing like a crazy person!!  Great end to a great weekend!!