Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm starting my weekend on Thursday this week because it was Thanksgiving and gonna do it a little different.  It's gonna be the short and sweet version!

While most people were getting to eat this

I was doing this
But I was very happy to get to pick this up after work
I put it in the fridge and went through these

 And tried to map out a plan.  I got all my stuff ready for the next day and headed to bed!
Deana & I were up and out the door at 2:45!! 

We made all our stops and some of them twice and got some really GREAT deals!  The envoy was packed pretty full!!  I kinda failed though because we didn't take one picture....definitely next year!  We hung out at her house and I got to play with Elly.  She is saying my name more and more and I love it!!  Needless to say, I was at home and in bed pretty early that night.
I spent most of the day doing this
I wish I had a sink this nice!!

Laying on this and watching a lot of these although those are completely different from what I really watched!  My list consisted of Elf, The Holiday, The Wedding Date, Sex and the City and Nights in Rodanthe!!
Then I got to eat some of this with some fabulous girls
I went to church then went to shop here
And came home to make this
White Chili & Cornbread.....yum!!

Then I did some more hanging out here trying to get myself ready for this work week!

I'm very excited though because I have her to look forward to on Thursday
This special little girls birthday Friday

And getting to spend all day Saturday with these lovely ladies!!
See short and sweet....haha, I guess maybe short and sweet in the typing part!  Well, I'm pretty sure there will be even more pictures in next weekends weekend wrap-up!!