Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I worked a few hours last night because I was mandatory call, so when my alarm went off at 7:30 I was not ready to get up.  I did though and got ready to meet with my friends Crissy and Joni to plan my BFF Niki's baby shower.  Everybody had such great and cute ideas and we are all so excited for the shower next month.  Thank you Etsy and Pinterest!!  After visiting with Crissy a little more I left and headed home to Evansville.  I went to pick up Lindsay & I's bridesmaid dresses since they were in.  I came home and just hung out there while Mom & Gerry got ready for Kelsey's birthday party the next day.  I ended up just staying at home and catching up on blogs then went to bed pretty early.

Lindsay & I went to zumba that morning at her favorite place.  Danielle met us there.  It was hard!!  I felt so uncoordinated!!  After that, Lindsay & I had to run my the mall so she could return a shirt to Forever 21!!  How excited I was to go in that store was ridiculous!!  I got 2 dresses, a tank top and a pack of 5 headbands for around $40!!!  I was so excited!!  Definitely a place to buy your trendy things that will only be trendy for a season!!  Ok, so after we spent way to long in there we headed back home to shower and get ready for Kelsey's 16th Birthday party!  (How in the world did she grow up so fast??) 
Lindsay & I 
Kelsey & her friends
I took a ton of pictures of all of them out on the lake having a good time!!  I'll have to make sure Kelsey gets them.  I still can't believe she is 16!!  After the party was over, the family stuck around and we all got to talk and hang out.  We hadn't gotten to do that since vacation in April!

I got up pretty early.  Mom made a big breakfast and it was so good!!  I went back to the mall to return one of the dresses that I got from Forever21 and shopped around some more and found a few more things.  Before I headed back to IL, I went by my friend Danielle's new house she and her fiance bought.  She's not living there yet, she will move in after they get married in October.  It is so nice and I can't wait to hang out there and swim!!!  I came home and just relaxed at home.