Friday, September 21, 2012

I believe in...

I believe in....hour long facetime chats with my Sis
I believe in....making your dreams come true
I believe in.....true love
I believe curling your hair just to feel pretty
I believe in....watching the same movies over and over again
I believe in...buying expensive jeans because your butt looks so good in them
I believe in....having a job you love

haha I get asked this question at least once a shift! lol
I believe in....taking your self portrait so you know how you actually look
I believe in...having plenty of creamer in my coffee
I believe in....caffeine being the best medicine for my crazy headaches
I believe in...big hair, manicured nails and straight teeth
I believe in...lifetime friends


I believe in....the skinny arm
I believe in....posting way too many pictures in posts
I believe in...already cut up apples in a bag
I believe in...really great short hair
I believe in...calling my mom anytime I want
I believe in...t-shirts, jeans and flip flops
I believe in...Carrie & Big
I believe in...long necklaces and no earrings
I believe in...decorating for each season even if it's just a wreath on the door
I believe in....cute workout clothes making me want to go to the gym more
I believe my life the way I want
I believe in...the color white
Now if I just had a house to put this in....

I believe in....writing notes on post-its
I believe in...reading good books
I believe in...spray tans
I believe in...anything monogrammed
I believe in....everything happens for a reason


Linking up with Erin at Living In Yellow (A couple days late but I loved this so much! that I just had to do it too.)



HUGE believer in everything happens for a reason and I praise coffee =)

Stacy Kinard

I believe in almost all of these too!! What a great post! It made me smile!!


Thanks for the fat prego pic of me! I believe in you friend and believe you need to be linking up with Kelly's Korner today!


I totLly believe in hour long FaceTime chats with you too! Hahaha


Today agree on the having to curl your hair just so that you feel pretty. Some days you just need to feel pretty, dang it, and it's worth the time to get all dolled up! I never do link ups but I had to contribute to do this one too... Erin just has the best link up parties, I swear! I just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better... I'm excited to follow along!

new follower :)


Hi! I found you through House of Rose and am a new follower! I have to say, I believe in hour-long Facetime chats as well. And short hair is MY THING! So I definitely believe in that also:)So glad to have found a new blog:)

Roni @ HomePayge blog

Hope to see you in my tiny little corner of the internet:)

Rachael {all things beautiful}

I just posted mine today too! Better late than never, right?! Loved this link up and LOVE your list. Especially in everything happens for a reason, in long necklaces with no earrings, and t-shirts, jeans, and flops! Check mine out if you get some time :)



I believe in the skinny arm too!


i too believe in taking self portraits so you know how you actually look. I never trust the mirror! haha loved your list!

ps. love your blog, just started reading!

xo michelle