Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

So, on Thursday night, my phone rings at 7:55 and it's Dawson.  He says "Hey Krystal.  Niki's water broke!!"  I had just talked to Niki a few hours before.  She was taking the boys to their drum lessons and baseball lessons and I didn't want her to be going by herself just in case something like that happened.  Well, her mom had gone with her and when they got home she got out of the car and her water broke.  She told her mom and her husband.  Dawson heard her say that she needed to call me.  So, he called me.  I was told later that night that he was pacing the floor with his hand on his hip and the phone to his ear calling me.  He's a mess!!! 
So, we spent all night Thursday at the hospital awaiting baby Ryker's arrival.  Niki did amazing and he made his arrival on Friday at 12:58 p.m. weighing in at 7lbs 3.4 oz and 20.5 inches long.  It was a completely different experience being the best friend as opposed to the labor and delivery nurse.  Although, the nurse in me came out a few times since I was watching the monitor like a hawk!!

First time getting to hold him
Big brothers Lucas & Dawson
Daddy's turn to hold
Uncle Eddy
Grandma Joni
Proud Grandpa & Grandma
After moving rooms, getting settled in
About 5 hours old and he had his 1st photo shoot!
Dawson & Ryker
Proud Big Brothers
I stayed with Niki that evening after everybody left.  Her husband left to get the boys settled and I stayed with the baby so she could shower and get cleaned up.  It started to storm and the hospital lost power!!  Of course, they had generator power but that was it.  Michael got back and I went home. 
I was so tired but when my alarm went off at 6am I only snoozed a time or two.  I got up and got ready to go to cheerleading tryouts to judge.  It ended up being a lot more stressful than we were expecting, but Andrea ended up with 14 great girls!!  It's just hard knowing you are breaking some little girls heart by not making the squad.  After that I ran to get groceries and came home to lay down so I was ready to go to work that night. 
Work was so busy last night so I crashed when I got home this morning.  Slept all day then got up to get ready to do it all over again!!!



adorable baby!!! totally understand what you mean about shift work. I'm a 911 dispatcher and here I am on my shift till 0730 tomorrow morning =)