Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I can't believe it's already the last weekend of summer....and it rained the whole time pretty much!!
Last summer weekend wrap-up, hopefully the weather will realize this too!
I spent most of the day at home cleaning and lounging around.  I got myself ready to go work at the restaurant by 4.  It was a busy night.  After we closed up there, I went to my friend Andrea's house.  She is a teacher and is also the junior high cheerleading coach.  This is her first year teaching and being a coach.  She is having cheer tryouts this week and myself and a few friends are helping.  Tonight we were learning the sidelines and cheer for tryouts.  This brought back so many fun memories of cheering and I miss it so much!  Can't there be cheerleading workout classes or something??  Those might actually be something I go to!!  Anyway, the night consisted of several bottles of wine and lots of cheering!!  So excited about teaching the girls this week!

I worked at the restaurant from 6 to2 and even though I was really tired, I was in the mood to shop.  I ran by Dillard's and it was packed!!  I thought that meant there were lots of good sales but that wasn't the case.  I'm pretty sure everybody was shopping because of the rainy weather.  I didn't find anything and I was a little disappointed.  That is so unlike me to not find anything!  Maybe I will get to go on a girls weekend at the end of the month and do some shopping then!  I came home and took a short nap then went to Niki's to eat dinner and hang out with her.  We watched the Lucky One and it was so good!

I slept in late and then got up and finished some laundry and cleaned the kitchen.  I was so far behind in blogs, so I sat down and got caught up!  Now it's time to eat something and then get ready for work.  It's my holiday to work at the hospital. 
Hopefully, next weekend I will have lots of adorable pictures of baby Ryker to share!!