Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent all day on the couch because of this nasty stomach flu bug that has been going around.  It was awful and I hope I never get it again.....awful!  I managed to watch the entire 5th season of One Tree Hill and then watched Julie & Julia then went to bed. 

This was the my first weekend to work at my new job.  I don't think I have worked a weekend since April....I've been a little spoiled!  I knew it was going to a rough day because of being sick, not because I felt bad but because I had absolutely no energy and I was worried about what I could eat.  I stuck with applesauce and saltines and did fine.  I ended up feeling a lot better towards the end of the day because of course 5 o'clock hit and we got busy!  I got to do the coolest thing yet though, I delivered a baby!!  Yes, it was my 2nd day and it would only be my 3rd delivery I was even in on!!  Of course, the doctor was right there with his hands right on top of mine but it was amazing!!!  As I'm on my way home it hits me how awesome it was!!  I had to call my mom and friends to tell them of course!!  Then I stopped by Deana's because she made chicken and dumplings and gave me some and also gave me this....
I have been looking for this since before Christmas!!  Walmart had it for $15 but has been sold out forever!!  I was so excited!!  Love her!!!  Thanks Deana, you didn't have to do that but I think I'll wait to volunteer my babysitting services till we know for sure the plague is gone!!  HAHA!!

I pretty much felt back to my normal self this morning and I was so glad about that.  It was a very calm day at work.  I got to do 2 babies and feel like I'm finally starting to get the hang of some of those things.  On my way home tonight I was talking to my friend and it just kind of hit me how much I love my new job and how I really believe this is what I was made to do!!