Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap-Up

I worked a few hours then headed to Evansville for my cousin's rehearsal dinner. The church was beautiful!! The rehearsal dinner was at Kiplee's. Best pizza I've had in a long time!! Love that place!! I also got to catch up with an old friend from grade school who was one of the bridesmaids. I headed on home to my parents house and crashed pretty early.
The wedding was at 1 followed by the reception. The wedding was so pretty!! Here's some pictures of the day!

My beautiful cousin Mandy and her bf Ryan 

Jason with his mom and brother 

Michelle and I 

Silas is Jennifer and Jason's baby, he was the ring bearer! 
My cousin's little girl Tori 
The gorgeous bride, my cousin Jennifer 

This was right after the kiss they almost forgot!  In a Catholic church most priests don't say "you may now kiss the bride" it's just something you do or don't do and they almost forgot! 
Loved her dress!

My cousin Jeremy with his family 

(definitely need to get some spanx before I decide to wear this dress again) 

See the butterflies on her skirt, they let butterflies go as they walked out of the church 

Yes, I caught the bouquet...although I'm pretty sure I need to quit catching them because they aren't working! 

Jessie, Jennifer and I.  We're all the same age and when Jessie got married we all 3 danced together for the dollar dance so of course we had to do it at Jennifer's wedding as well.  We all started crying!  We can't believe how old we are now.  When we were little girls we used to make our wedding dresses out of sheets and pin up our train with safety pins! 
Love these girls!

Lindsay and I got up early and got ready for Kelsey's 8th grade graduation party later on the afternoon.  We ran to town so she could get a card and I could get some balloons for her.  She and her friends had so much fun!!
Kelsey and her cute little friends on the lake 

Love my sisters! 
Tiffany & Holt enjoying the lake 

Laying out 
All her friends who came to the party 

No way she's old enough to be a freshman!!  She was a 3 day old baby at my 8th grade graduation!!  I'm definitely feeling old!
The weather was beautiful-HOT- but beautiful all weekend!!  I went to my sisters house to go with her and the girls to their friend's pool to layout and swim.  It was a lot of fun!!  We all got a lot of sun too!!  After we had about enough sun we went back to Michelle's to cook out.  Well, we didn't actually cook but her neighbor Brian did and it was so good.  Michelle did make the homemade ice cream though!!  Then Michelle and I watched the Bachelorette!!  It was a FABULOUS weekend and of course makes me want to move home even more, if that is even possible!!