Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Day - Preparation

We're finally to the wedding day!!  I was so excited for this day!!  The bride, myself and 2 of the bridesmaids stayed at my parents house so we all got up and showered so we could be at the salon at 9a.m. for hair appointments. 
My momma 
That's me.....mid poof!! 
I wanted a big poof...this is how it started!  All the other bridesmaids were saying that I was more of a Maid of Honor-zilla because I was so particular about my hair!  I knew that these would be pictures that are going to be around for EVER and I wanted good hair!!  I know, I'm a brat!  In the end, I L-O-V-E-D the front of my hair, the back didn't really matter!!!  HAHA!!  I apologized to the girl who was doing my hair ahead of time.  I was very nice though and she did/changed everything that I asked.  As I'm walking over there to sit in her chair my older sister and one of the bridesmaids apologized to her as well!  I hope I wasn't that bad!  They all got a pretty good laugh at my teased out hair pre-poof! 
Pretty face for a bride huh?
Much better!
After we all had our hair done Lindsay got her makeup done and then we headed back to the house to eat some lunch a have a cocktail or 2!  Then we were off to Sweetwater Events Center for the ceremony.
Straightening out all the layers 
Putting her garters on.  The blue garter (her something blue) was a UK garter from her mother in law and a surprise to her husband!!
There are pictures of her getting laced up as well but I will have to add those in later!  After she was all in her dress and garters and shoes on and bouquet in hand, she was off to take pictures and the rest of us all got in our dresses.  We had an assembly line going so we could all lace each other up!!  After that we all met back up with Lindsay and had lots of pictures taken ourselves.  Then we were off to hide in the kitchen so nobody saw her before the ceremony started. 
Nate and Bailey ~ The ring bearer and flower girl 
My shoes and bouquet 
Lindsay's bouquet 
Mom & Gerry
Of course I have about a million and a half pictures of Lindsay getting ready and all but I'm waiting to post those for the next post which will be the ceremony!