Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wedding Week - Tuesday

This was day one of waking up way to early!  We didn't have much to do for the wedding today but still plenty to do.  Michelle came over and Me, Lindsay, Michelle and Mom headed up to Ella Park Bridal to pick up Lindsay's dress and 2 of the tuxes. They had to hold it on their laps in the backseat because it wouldn't fit in the trunk!!  We got it home safe and sound and hung it up in Mom's room.  I was a nervous wreck about getting something on it of course!  Michelle went on home and then Me, Lindsay and Mom later went to Madison's track meet.  First we went to McDonald's to get some coffee because we knew it was going to be cool!
Lindsay & I in the car before we left 
Madison getting handed the baton 

Madison passing off the baton!
It ended up being cooler than cool, it was freezing cold that night and Michelle even went to get us some blankets but we were still cold.  Madison's event was second to last so we were there for quite a while waiting and watching everyone else run.  She did so well though!!  We finally left and headed home.  Lindsay went on to her house for she and Ty were planning on getting the marriage license the next day.