Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wedding Week - Friday

YAY!!!  It's Friday!!!  We, of course, woke up early and got ready for our pedicure appointments at 9a.m.  We were so excited and looking forward to this since Lindsay got engaged!  HA!
Lindsay & Mom
Michelle & Katie
Katie, Michelle, Me, Lindsay & Mom
The owner of the place made us cute little drinks.  Orange juice, pineapple juice, sprite and grenadine....YUM!!  After we all got our pedicures the 4 of them all got their nails done.  I've been doing the shellac so mine were already done.  After that Katie and I went to Sun Tan City so she could tan and I could get a spray tan.  I love that place and wish we had one close to me here!!  I should open a franchise!!  I loved my spray tan!!  Then Katie and I went to the mall to either find her a new dress or a slip to wear to the wedding tomorrow.  We ended up finding her the cutest black dress at Dillards!!  So we finally made it back home and it was time to start getting ready for rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.
Tonya & Lindsay on the way to rehearsal 
Ring bearer meet flower girl! 
Anne & Katie in matching dresses
She's excited, can you tell? 
And so is he! 
Maybe I want a bite of that? 
Not sharing!  YUM!! 
Danielle & Becca ~ 2 of my bestest friends! 
Mom, Gerry, Danielle & I 
Michelle, Kelsey, Lindsay, Anne & Tonya 
Lindsay, Anne, Gerry & Tonya 
Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. 
Tonya, Lindsay & Anne
Danielle & I 
Danielle & Lindsay 
Me, Lindsay & Danielle
After rehearsal and dinner we headed back home to try to get some sleep before the big day tomorrow.  Can't believe my baby sister was getting married the next day!!  I can't even begin to count how many times I said that!!