Friday, May 13, 2011

Wedding Week-Monday

I had to redo this post (and still have to redo Tuesday's) because it was deleted from blogger being down.

So we did a lot last week with the Wedding so I figured I would just do a post for every day and then with the wedding I might actually have to split it up.  I took 864 pictures this week so I'm sure you can just imagine!! 
I was able to pick up my bridesmaid dress the Sunday before, good thing because I was leaving the next day on Monday.  I took the interstate home, which I have never done, because of the flooding.  I still made good time and was home in plenty of time to go with Lindsay for her hair trial. Lindsay and I headed to get her hair done and mom met us up there later.  We then all went to the mall to try to find Lindsay jewelry to wear for the wedding.  She finally found some that she liked (after going to all the stores in the mall) and it is beautiful!!  After that we went home to eat dinner, mom made roast and potatoes in the crockpot!!  It was so good!  Lindsay & I then went to Michelle's so I could dye her hair and Lindsay could finalize her music for the ceremony.  I made her bouquet for the rehearsal out of all her bows she had gotten off presents from her showers. We hung out with her and the girls for a while and then I started falling asleep so I figured we better head on home.  We stayed up talking for a little bit and then finally went to bed!!