Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I was a big lazy bum this day.  I ended up watching more of season 4 of Gossip Girl and finally decided to get off the couch at some point and do dishes.  I really need to clean my bathroom and vacuum the house but didn't get around to it.  I really have to find time to do that this week.  I got ready for work and headed in a little early for my friend.  It was a pretty good night at work, always a good thing.

I slept all day long and was very happy to see the clock when I woke up.  I ended up getting put on standby for a little bit so I baked a few cookies.  I then ran to Target to return the DVD player that I bought on black Friday and got a new one.  I got called in when I was shopping and headed right to work.  I had everything in my car already so I was prepared!  They only needed me for a few hours so I got to leave at 11 that night.  I came home and talked to Chad for a while then decided to call my sister.  I missed my Dad's side of the family's Christmas that day.  She and some of my cousins and my other sister were all still hanging out so I was giving them a hard time about how they were having a party without me!  Hopefully I'll get to go next year!
7 Days till Christmas
So since I was able to be home and asleep I got up early and headed to Evansville.  Today was what we call "Cookie Day" which is a tradition in our family.  My mom and my sisters all get together and back a ton of cookies.  This year was no different!  We made over 60 dozen cookies!!  It was an all day event (although me and my sisters ran to the mall to do a little Christmas shopping) and we finished around 8 or so. 
 Since Indiana basketball is undefeated, we are a very happy household!!  We were showing off our school spirit and decided to get a picture!!  (Although, technically, Lindsay is just wearing an red shirt with the state of IN on it.....her husband is a die hard UK fan!  Haha!!)