Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I got to leave work a couple of hours early this morning so that meant I went to sleep earlier and was able to get up earlier to run errands.  I had a rather long list of things to do and knew I couldn't sleep till 3 or 4.  I did a little more Christmas shopping and then went to the grocery store to get all the rest of the things I needed to make stuff for this weekend.  And all that shopping led to this...
I was up baking a little later than I wanted to be but I got it all done!!

I was working at the restaurant today at 11 so I left a little early so I could run by Maurice's because I didn't get to go yesterday. They were having a sale and I found a couple of shirts. Work was really busy and we know that means I make more money that way so I was a happy girl! I also got new tires put on my car and my oil changed while I was there, not only am I happy but I'm safe too!! I made it home in enough time to put my taco dip together and get ready for the Christmas party for work that was at 6.
Abby, Me & Jessica 
Our whole group 
Penny & I (my work mom) 
Me & Jess!  Love her! 
Then it was time to play more games, we had already played MadGab and laughed up a storm!!  Now it was time to DANCE!!  JustDance2 that is!  We battled it out and I won the first round but ended up losing in the my defense, it was a song I didn't know!

Kristen & I
We ended up hanging out for a few more hours just talking and eating.  It was a lot of fun and we ended up not leaving till 2am!  I knew it was gonna make it hard for me to get up the next morning!!

Yep, it was definitely hard to get up when I heard my alarm go off, I might have hit the snooze button a time or 6! HA!!  All well, I eventually crawled out of bed, got my self ready, packed up all my things and hit the road.  As I'm about 10 minutes down the road I'm pretty sure I forgot to close my garage door. I texted my friend who lives right across from and sure enough, I didn't, but she did!!  Thank goodness for friends!!  It was such a fun day/night at our annual Christmas get together!!
Madelyn loves this trick! 
Lindsay & Madelyn reading a book 
Jordan, Bailey & Madelyn waiting to open presents 
Todd got my gift that I brought for the dirty santa!  Drinking eye glasses! 
Madelyn & cute is that?? 
Bailey & her Daddy 
Madelyn, Jordan & Becca 
Madelyn & Bailey 
Danielle & I....looking a little on the pale side (I see a spray tan in our near futures!) 
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil....they were loving playing photo shoot and had to see every picture after I took it!   
Madelyn, Baily and Jordan 
Ty & Lindsay wanted their picture taken! 
They posed all on their own! 
And like this..... 
and this! 
Me, Danielle, Lacy (and baby), Becca & Lindsay
missing Janelle & Sara 
Now with the little girls 
The Whole Group!!   
The girls in their pj's (with matching slippers by the way) watching a movie
We ended the night playing bunco again like we've done in the past and of course it was a blast!!  Becca ended up dominating and won the gift card!!!  Lindsay & Ty left then Danielle and Jeremiah weren't too far behind.  Becca & Todd and the girls stayed and so did I.  We were all exhausted and headed to bed after watching Daniel Tosh. 

I was very happy to wake up and see that it was almost 8am.  I just thought for sure the girls would be up way earlier than that!!  We all ended up getting up around 9 and Jason ran to Hardee's for some breakfast!  YUM!!  We hung out for a little bit although we missed Lacy because she had to be at work at 7:30.  We packed up our things and hit the road around 11:30.  I made it home pretty quick and unpacked, cleaned up the mess I had left yesterday.  I watched the last episode of season 3 of Gossip Girl then decided I would watch some episodes of Hart of Dixie because I've missed quite a few.  I ended up falling asleep!  I guess I needed a nap, it was a rather busy weekend!!