Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Weekend

My nice long weekend is now over :( It's back to work for me today and tomorrow and the next day and then I get another long weekend.....5 days this time! YAY!!!

I got off work Thursday and drove home to my parents house. I was rather upset because I had to drive home in the dark for the last part of my 2 hours and that did horrible things to the front end of my car! I've never seen so many SMASHED DEAD BUGS!! The front of my car looked disgusting and I was so sad. Anyway, I got up Friday morning and was gonna start my laundry that I brought home with me and then head outside to wash my car. My mom then tells me that she has already started my laundry and I should get out there and get started on my car before the sun bakes those bugs on there!! So, I did get out there and wash my fabulous car then pulled it into the garage to do the windows, wheels, tires and the inside. Mom came out to help at this time.....because she does it better than me anyway and we finished up my car.

It was so nice outside that we decided it would be a good idea to now lay out on the back patio since we didn't have all that humidity! We were out there for the rest of the was great!!!!

Michelle had to work Saturday morning so she dropped the girls off on her way. Mom made breakfast so Maddie woke me up so I could eat hot donuts!! Yum, probably my favorite homemade breakfast!! I then met some wonderful girls I went to high school with for lunch along with there adorable little girls. We had a great time!! I miss them so much!! We ate at Old Chicago ( I think that was the name of it ....woops) and it was great. I ate the pizza buffet so I was a happy girl!! Gerry, Mom & I ate at a Mexican restaurant that night for dinner....YUM!!

Sunday morning I got up and really wanted to lay out but it was really hot to lay out without a pool.....I sucked it up got out there anyway, with my spray bottle in hand!! Mom joined me later. My parents grilled out that evening for dinner. My grandparents, my sister and my niece came over to eat also. I was in a hurry to get back home before it got dark so I ate and ran!!

It was a FABULOUS summer weekend!!