Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Number 3

As I'm sitting here watching TV, I all of a sudden realize how much the number 3 has shown up today (and pretty much everyday for some things) so I decided to blog about the craziness of it!!

1. This is my 30th post
2. I now have 3 followers! YAY!! HAHA!
3. Channel 3 is the only channel that actually comes in.....I'm too cheap to get satellite right now
4. I have 3 sisters
5. I work at least 3 days a week
6. I just finished 3 years of nursing school
7. I have had 3 cars so far in life
8. I always take 3 drinks to work with me (2 bottles of water and 1 diet mt dew)
9. I have my ears pierced 3 times
10. I have 3 remotes sitting next to me

SEE what I mean?!?! Things just kept popping into my mind about 3's!! This is definitely random but it just all of a sudden popped in my head and I about it!!

Yes, I lead a rather boring life and this is what I think about. You gotta remember though, I only have one TV channel! It's at least ABC so it has good shows. I watch a lot of movies and tv on dvd now....thanks to blockbuster in the mail!! I read a lot too!! That is one thing I have gotten to do a lot of now that school is over. I really need to be reading books from school though because I will be scheduling my NCLEX (RN boards) soon so I can start my new job!!

Ok, enought randomness! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! YAY!!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!